Okay, so in the spirit of it being a new school year/a new semester/a new ‘season’ coming up, I wanted to post some items that are on clearance (marked down 50% off) because shopping is ALWAYS FUN before a fresh new start, right? RIGHT!

So I am going to be posting items every quarter (or every new season) which are always going to be on SUPER SALE, so just in case you have been eyeing it for a while, it will give you a chance to snag something fun and new!

Oh yeah, please message me either on Facebook, my email:, or call/text me, if you are interested! I will be reducing the price on my Etsy shop as well, so you will have an opportunity to order from there as well!

Happy Shopping and have a BLESSED DAY!!!!

Items on SALE:


DollybyDesign: Ipad cover (Originally $30, NOW $15)


DollybyDesign: Shabby Chic Burlap Table Runner With Silk Sari Paisley Design & Jade Green Trimming (Originally $46.50, NOW $23.25) 


DollybyDesign: “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat” Baby Burp Cloth & Bib Set (3 burp cloths and one bib) (Originally $25, NOW: $12.50) 

Happy Shopping Everyone!!!! I wanted to just post three items for now to see if this goes well!

GOD bless and thanks for your continual love and support!

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