Ty Turns 30!

So my sweet husband turned 30 on April 4th, 2016 (I know….I am very late in posting this) but I realized I have been slacking at keeping up with all my “Adventure” posts & I wanted to share this fun day where I got to celebrate my sweet Ty! Keep in mind in April we were only “engaged” but, I cannot WAIT to celebrate his 31st birthday in 2017 as a MARRIED couple!

For his 30th birthday I had all his close friends and family members compile a memory book with letters and pictures for him to celebrate him turning 30 (that’s why he is holding that book up in one of the pictures). I took the day off of work and took him all over Nashville (The Perch in Downtown Nashville, Cheekwood, & one of our favorite coffee shops which we went to on our 2nd or 3rd date) at the end of the day his friends and family all surprised him at a park for a small get-together celebration! It was a fun day celebrating this amazing man, who is now my husband!

I cannot wait to Navigate the 30s with you sweet Ty, it’s truly going to be such a grand adventure!


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