Blaise 10 Month Portraits

Finally got around to shooting Blaise bear’s 10-month photos this week. Normally it has been “easy” to do these portraits, but now that he is more mobile (and super fast) I can barely get him to sit still anymore. It would have been much easier to do these if I had waited for Ty to come home from work, but I was so excited about doing Blaise’s 10-month portraits so I guess it is what it is!

We started outside first, but he kept on crawling to the street so I had to take him inside to his nursery to get at least one photo where he is sitting with his sign!

I know, I know….classic first-time mom here!

Some of the highlights of this month include:
+ he has 3 teeth now
+ he has started to lift himself up to stand 
+ he loves reading (and actually stays “still” for books)
+ he is eating up to 3 meals a day 
+ he is still sleeping through the night 
+ he LOVES Ty DeLong and only snuggles with him LOL

love love love this sweet baby bear of mine!

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