Dolly DeLong: MaylinChaise Productions

I wanted to give a huge shout-out to Macey Norton, co-owner of Maylin Chaise Productions, the videographer we chose to film #DollyTysTheKnot. If you are a bride-to-be, are planning a special event, or are on the lookout for an excellent/friendly videographer, you should consider booking Macey! She was very easy to work with, very communicative, and very affordable for our budget (which was pretty important when planning a June wedding//aka highest peak month of wedding season $$$$)

 (Ty and I just received our wedding trailer, and so I thought it would be perfect to highlight this vendor on my blog today!)

History behind the name “Maylin Chaise Productions”

 Maylin is a combination of Macey’s + Lindsey’s names (It’s a sister team if you haven’t guessed). And Chaise is in honor of the big chair they had in their house growing up. They would sit in their mom’s lap and tell her all the stories of their school day. That chair is a huge part of their childhood and where they started telling stories. Also as Macey quotes in her blog: “I got into film because I needed to tell a story. I love spotting the story that is already in someone and highlighting that. I think that’s one of my favorite things that I offer as a filmmaker: I’m a true fan. I’m a fan of people, talent, inspiration, and deep love. So when I’m filming, I’m filming what moves me. I’m filming something I’m experiencing that I want to share with the world”

Thank you so much Maylin Chaise Productions for blessing both Ty and I with your talents on our very special day.  We are so happy we will be able to view #DollyTysTheKnot’s wedding story every year, and are so thrilled you have captured that story so uniquely! We loved loved loved loved (LOVED) our wedding teaser, and we cannot wait to get our full wedding DVD in the mail this week! Thank you again! (Have I mentioned how much I loved the wedding trailer -No? well, I LOVE it!) 🙂


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