DollybyDesign: Adventures in Italy/Greece {May/June 2015}

Lindsay and I were wanting to celebrate our 30th (my) and 31st (Lindsay) Birthday’s in style! 2015 has been a very eye-opening, and adventurous year for the both of us. We both hadn’t been to Europe in 10 years (since study abroad in college) so we figured this was going to be THE year to go back! I (Dolly) wanted to share a snapshot of our Italian + Greek Travels (May 2015-June 2015) (Enjoy!)

Roma (Days 1-2) (The Vatican City, The Trevi Fountain, The Roma Colosseum, and exploring the city of Rome)

Days 2-4 (Florence, Italia) (explored the city of Florence: The Duomo, The Uffizi Galleria, The Accademia/The David, The Villa to visit Robby/Mona and Emily, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Della Signoria, San Lorenzo Market,  just everything about Florence is perfect!)

Days 4-6 Cinque Terre (went to all five cities: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore), did ALOT of hiking, ate a lot of pasta, discovered the BEST Italian Pastry Shop ever (Il Pirata Cafe), and fell in love with this part of Italy ALL over again! (Def was my favorite part of this BFF trip! I loved every second of Cinque Terre and I cannot wait to go back a 3rd time one day!)

Days 6-9 (Santorini, Greece: the most amazing Greek island EVER!) (fun included: Caldea Massage Studios in Santorini, Donkey Rides in Santorini, Lots of Authentic Greek Gyros, The Black Beach in Santorini, etc.) (Lindsay and I also met up with our friend, Michelle, who joined our Greece Adventures!)

Days 9-13 (Athens, Greece) (Athens really was an eye-opening city for me to experience// for those of you who don’t know, I was robbed (of EVERYTHING)  in person the first day we landed in Athens. So, I thought it was going to be the WORST part of the trip. Thankfully I had two great friends who supported me in so many ways, and they helped make the end of this Italian + Greek trip a very memorable experience for me! Plus, I was reminded of God’s great providence in the middle of losing quite a lot of my travel items (passport, money, camera, etc.) One day, Lord-willing, I hope to go back to Athens and not be so afraid of everyone (because of the robbery).

Hope you enjoyed Me and Lindsay’s 30th/31st Birthday Adventures! Thank you for your support!

Love, DollybyDesign 🙂

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