DollyByDesign: ADVENTURES in Mumbai, India {March 2015}

Hello Friends! It has been such a long time since I have last posted {and I am incredibly sorry for my long absence} BUT… “I’M BACK!!!!!” (as Rowdy Rathore would say…and only a select few would actually get that reference-HAH)

2015 has been quite the adventurous year for me, and it’s only March (well technically it’s April 1st, but for this Post’s sake…it’s still March 31st)! Not only has 2015 been my first year in my 30s, but it’s also been a year of tremendously fun/positive/lovely/and amazing changes in my life! And one of these changes has definitely been more travel opportunities to explore new areas of this beautiful world we live in!

To kickstart my 2015 year of adventuring, I co-led a mission trip to India with Lipscomb Missions and Ethos Church (now, this wasn’t my first time going to India…it was actually my 27th or 28th trip…I kind of have lost count by this point…but it was technically my 3rd trip leading a team of people to my most favorite country in the world). Those 10 days serving alongside my friends//my brothers and sisters in Christ, was an incredible and amazing experience, and you can read about more here (my good friend, Justin Wright, of Justin Wright Photography, went on the trip with me and documented the experience perfectly).

BUT…AFTER my 10 day mission trip, I actually had the privilege of getting to stay 2 extra days in India and recruit Internationally for Lipscomb Admissions in the city of Mumbai. It’s always a little lame traveling by myself at times (even though I am a proud Introvert…I do enjoy company every now and then) so it was fun having my good friend, Danielle, tag along with me for the remainder of the trip (since she participated in the 10 day mission trip and wanted to see more of India just for the fun of it)!

Again, the majority of my trip to Mumbai was spent recruiting international students for my University, but Danielle and I had several hours to ourselves after a business meeting so we did the most logical thing any traveller would do: we adventured in Mumbai and decided to explore the Elephanta Caves & take a ferry ride along the Mumbai Coast!

So…the following pictures just document:

1)  our time on our extremely long ferry ride (where, note: we definitely witnessed a little too much ‘bromance’ going on)

2) our time exploring the historical and world-famous Elephanta Caves

3) our time taking obnoxious jumping pictures and selfies in front of the Gateway of India

As always, I hope you enjoy these low-quality iPhone photos….but most importantly I hope this encourages you all to go out and ADVENTURE (and have fun wherever you are & have fun in whatever stage of life you are in) Life is def a blessing from God, and enjoy every moment He’s given you!!!!

God bless!

Love, DollybyDesign


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