DollybyDesign ADVENTURES: Scotland The Brave {March 2015}

Hello lovely readers! After my mission trip to India this March {2015}, I had a 3 day layover in Edinburgh, Scotland (to recruit for my University), AND to visit one of my good friends who is getting her MFA at the University of Edinburgh. It was a whirlwind excursion, but it was 150% worth every moment in this beautiful & colorful country.

I still cannot believe I was blessed with this opportunity after an amazing trip to India, but I am totally over the moon excited/happy/thrilled/& blessed that I got to participate in this fun adventure!

Again, every opportunity you get, go out and travel/adventure/ & explore this beautiful world we live in!

(Still smiling and grinning ear-to-ear that I got  to have this amazing work + “Spring Break” experience)

These ‘amazing’ low-quality photos were taken on my iPhone 5, and were taken in Edinburgh and Stirling, Scotland. 

Enjoy and Never Forget to Continue to Live Bravely and Live out your Unique Adventures in Kindness!

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