DollybyDesign ADVENTURES: SO CAL {October 2014}

In October 2014 I (Dolly) had the opportunity of getting to go to Southern California for a work trip for a week! (NOTE: because the way my trip was set up I had three days of free time between work commitments/meetings so for those three days one of my college besties, Leah, flew in from Upstate New York to spend the weekend with me in LA and San Diego!) So, we decided to make an adventure of this//catch up//explore So Cal//and just have fun since both of us have incredibly busy job schedules.


It was a grand adventure, and spending time with Leah was a blessing for sure! In our three days of adventuring SO CAL, we got to explore: Venice Beach (LA), Malibu (Pepperdine University),  & San Diego (The San Diego Zoo, Hillcrest, The National Comedy Theatre, and Hotel Del Coronado). Exploring California for the very first time was such a great opportunity for me to see what other states “cultures” are like, because even though I have grown up traveling all over the world (Missionary Kid Probs), I have never explored any states within the US, so I am trying to make it my goal to visit all the states now that I am older! (And now that I have experienced SO CAL, I desperately want to explore Northern California one day!!!!!!!!!)


Let me just point out: one of the many highlights of this work trip/fun trip was THE FOOD! Man, California food is: incredible, organic, delicious, healthy, original, and I think I gained at least 10 pounds while on this one week trip (thank God for Whole30)! So sharing this love of new foods/restaurants with one of my best friends made the meals even better!


I hope you all enjoy the assortment of random photos I captured with My iPhone (sorry…no fancy Nikon Camera pictures were taken)


Thank you so much for supporting my DollybyDesign Adventures! And as always, live your life in JOY, live to be a blessing to others, and be thankful for ALL your seasons of life (because every season is an ADVENTURE!!!)


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