DollybyDesign ADVENTURES: South Carolina {August 2014}

So this past August (2014) my mom (Beulah McHale) and I went to Charleston, South Carolina for a girls getaway weekend. My mother and I don’t get to see each other that often since I live in Nashville, TN and she lives in St. Petersburg, FL. So, we have decided this year that we are going to try to incorporate a girls getaway weekend trip on top of my twice yearly visits to the Bay Area (Tampa Bay) so that we can spend more time together!

(The older I get, the more I appreciate and LOVE hanging out with my Mother. When I was a teenager (and even in college) I never wanted to hang out with my mom, or my family, mostly because I was extremely difficult to get along with (aka stubborn) and I was just a little brat #honesty) BUT, now that I’m embarking in my 30’s, I have a career, and I am on my own, I have a deeper appreciation for my relationship with my mom, and I love learning about her and her life! #preciousmoments

So, over Labor Day weekend, we went to Charleston, SC and explored this popular and beautiful coastal city.  (Boone  Hall Plantation,  Downtown Charleston (shopping), the local food, and of course the Charleston Bulldog Walking Ghost Tour were some of the highlights of our trip!) My mom and I agreed that Boone Hall Plantation was our favorite visited spot on this trip, and that it would be fun to come back over Christmas break because they decorate the ENTIRE plantation with Christmas Lights and Christmas Decor! #IheartChristmas  (do you all like how I am incorporating cheesy hashtags…yeah I’m awesome!)

Okay, so here are a few shots of our South Carolina adventures. The pictures were taken with my iPhone. Enjoy!

(and as always: live life like an adventure! Be Bold! Be Brave! And, most importantly, Smile!)



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