DollybyDesign: Dress for LESS in June 2015 {featuring} Lindsay Richardson of Nashville, TN

It’s been a while since I (Dolly) have posted for my Dress for LESS section of my blog. This past month I had the opportunity of getting to go to Europe (specifically Italy + Greece) with Lindsay Richardson (featured guest) for a vacation (since both of us are in our fabulous 30s and wanted to take a Bestie Europe Trip)! Long story short, at the very last leg of our trip, my camera equipment, my passport, my money (cash), and my debit card were stolen from me (YUP). So….I lost my nice Nikon camera that I had saved up years for my side business Twelve16Photography , and I lost ALL of my portraits I had taken of Lindsay (since I wanted to do a European feature for Dress for LESS). (That was over a month ago, since then I have been recently blessed with a brand new camera + lens// everything was restored back to me, so that I can get back to blogging + and having adventures with Photography!) SO, since we live in the “Athens of the South”, I thought it would be fun to take her portraits at Centennial Park + The Parthenon (Kind of like in Memoriam of our Athens Trip). So here were Lindsay’s finds:

1) floral scarf 4.97$ (2-pack) Walmart

 2) fuchsia v-neck T-shirt $5 (Target)

3) mint green shorts $19.99 (Target)

4) coral lacy tank 6.99$ (Ross)

5) my “plane pants” 15$ (Target)

6) brown sandals $26 (Burlington coat factory)

7) cloche tan hat $12.99 (Target)

*Note: When we were in Europe, Lindsay ROCKED these finds and really blended in well with the trendy Europeans! At times, people even came up to her and spoke to her in Greek + Italian b/c she was very well dressed and didn’t look “American/Touristy” at all! Way to go Lindsay! 

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