DollybyDesign: Dress for LESS (October/November 2014)

Thank you Allison Gibson (Nashville, TN) for being the October/November feature for DollybyDesign’s Dress for Less blog! Your finds are very beautiful//practical//& incredibly comfy looking!

(I, (Dolly), always enjoy hearing more about each month’s featured model, so I wanted to share some thoughts from Allison, and why she chose these specific pieces and how she is planning on using it in her everyday wardrobe) (read below)

“I am fortunate enough to work in an office where our dress is very much business casual. As a therapist, however, there is the occasional need for professional attire, so I try to pick pieces that have multiple purposes. Many pieces can also transition from the workday into nighttime and weekend wearing as well. Fall is my favorite of all the seasons, so I welcome any opportunity to add pieces to my wardrobe that allow me to layer and carry lighter items into the cooler months. I have worn at least 10 different outfits using these pieces and am excited about discovering many more” (Allison Gibson) 

Here were Allison’s finds (which she paired with other staple items/clothes to make some great combinations!)

Blazer – Target $24.48
Dress – Ross $17.99
V-neck Shirt – Target $13.98
Vest – Ross $14.99
Black & White top – Wal-Mart $7.44
Brown Sweater – Ross $16.98


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