DollybyDesign Essential Oil Stories: {featuring} Alex. H. from Nashville, TN

I (Dolly) have been using Essential Oils for the past year (Since July 2014) and ever since then, I have significantly noticed a change in my overall health, AND I have been noting change in my loved ones lives as well (friends/family who are using them). Recently, I thought it would be cool to share a personal story (at least once or twice a month) from a certain friend or family member to highlight certain oils, or just to openly share about the real benefits of how Essential oils are helping change their overall health. I really hope that these personal testimonies not only encourage you (the reader), but they also help challenge you to research and figure out what is best for your health and your overall wellness! It may not be using Essential Oils, it may be joining a gym, or changing your diet, or changing your surroundings. But my prayer for you is for you to fight for yourself, and to really enjoy the blessing of Life that God has given/granted you!

Alexandria’s story:

“I had heard of essential oils and all of the benefits, but I had never tried any for myself before. The first reason I started using oils was to alleviate menstrual cramps. During that ‘special time of the month’, I would have severe cramps, sometimes causing me to take time away from work. I had a friend who used Clary Calm to help alleviate her cramps, so I decided to give it a try. OH MY GOODNESS! Clary Calm has changed my time of the month from doom and gloom to being normal feeling days. I apply Clary Calm to my abdomen as soon as I feel any discomfort and continue to apply throughout the day. I no longer dread that time of the month anymore.  (Clary Calm not only helps balance hormones, but it also provides temporary respite from cramps , hot flashes and mood swings, what a gift!) My most recent purchase was the Lifelong Vitality Supplement Pack. I’ve been using these consistently for about two weeks, and I’ve seen a HUGE boost in energy! I’m studying for the CPA Exam and occasionally need to work long hours for my job, so this energy boost has been an amazing benefit to help me stay focused and accomplish my goals”

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