DollybyDesign Essential Oils Stories: {featuring} Kara E. from Little Rock, Arkansas

I (Dolly) have been using Essential Oils for the past year (Since July 2014) and ever since then, I have significantly noticed a change in my overall health, AND I have been noting change in my loved ones lives as well (friends/family who are using them). Recently, I thought it would be cool to share a personal story (at least once or twice a month) from a certain friend or family member to highlight certain oils, or just to openly share about the real benefits of how Essential oils are helping change their overall health. I really hope that these personal testimonies not only encourage you (the reader), but they also help challenge you to research and figure out what is best for your health and your overall wellness! It may not be using Essential Oils, it may be joining a gym, or changing your diet, or changing your surroundings. But my prayer for you is for you to fight for yourself, and to really enjoy the blessing of Life that God has given/granted you!

Kara’s Essential Oils Story

“My essential oil story starts in March 2015, when my physical and emotional health were the worst they’ve ever been. Since 2011, I had endured the loss of a parent, my husband’s long absence for job training, and three consecutive pregnancy losses. Grief, stress, and choosing to comfort myself with food had taken a serious toll on my body. I FELT unhealthy. Anxiety and fear consumed me emotionally. Right after the third pregnancy loss, my dear friend/college suitemate Dolly asked me if I would be interested in essential oils and if she could put me in touch with the people who had helped her.
Although I had heard of essential oils before, I had always been skeptical. I was desperate for help though. I would have stood on my head under a full moon while drinking herbal tea if someone had told me it would help me get better. So, I was excited to talk to Lacy and Rachel, Dolly’s mentors. They both listened to all of the details of my health issues and send me a suggested protocol of oils to help support me emotionally and physically as I healed. I started using the oils the next month!
Since starting the oils in April, my health has completely turned around! Many of my symptoms of hormonal imbalance had gone away, and my anxiety is completely manageable. Other people around me have noticed that I’m more confident and appear much happier! Recently, I’ve used the oils for the rest of my family, including the dog. I love being able to deal with minor issues naturally! Best of all, my home is a much more peaceful, joy-filled place since I started using the oils (probably became Mama isn’t stressed out and yelling at everyone anymore)!”

(Here is a picture of Kara, Alana and Jenna, my (Dolly’s) best friends from College//on a recent trip to Rhode Island in July of 2014)

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