DollyByDesign Featuring A Nashville Local Business: The Loving Pie Company

I thought it would be a fun idea to start featuring local Nashville businesses at least once a month to highlight what is going on around this wonderful city I live in! I have a deep appreciation of everything homemade and local now because of what I do on the side with DollybyDesign, and I want to share with my readers that it is very important to support your city and its local business’ (outside of chain stores and restaurants, etc).

Since discovering The Loving Pie Company two weeks ago, I have talked nonstop about this local Pie Business which is nestled in Berry Hill (behind The Pfunky Griddle). I know that I am definitely driving my co-workers, my roommates, and even my boyfriend insane by ranting and raving about how delicious these homemade pies are (but seriously people…these pies are INCREDIBLE and I want everyone to experience the goodness of a homemade pie)!

Growing up in Montana, I ate ALOT of pies because my mom, my grandma, and all the women in the church I went to, made homemade (made-from-scratch) pies which I normally devoured as a young chubster girl. Since moving to the South (primarily to go to College + Graduate School-and now I live here), I still haven’t found a ‘good’ pie that I have been satisfied with, in which I can compare it to my years spent in Montana! Thus, this is why I have reacted in such an overzealous manner over this company because I have finally found a Pie that reminds me of my childhood in The Big Sky Country!

{Oh yeah, and it gets better, The Loving Pie Co. also has a Gluten Free Menu option which is AWESOME! So all my gluten free friends need to check out this company as well!}

So enjoy these pictures I took, and I hope that you get hungry looking at them! Remember, The Loving Pie Company is Open Tuesday-Saturday (Closed Sundays and Mondays), and they  make pies from scratch daily so if they run out early…they close early. So I highly recommend checking out this local Nashville business early on in the day (for lunch) that way you get to have both a SAVORY and a SWEET pie! (YUMMMMSTERS!)


(Did I mention that Shark Week is being Featured At The Loving Pie Co.?)ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage



Now go out and support your local businesses in whatever city you may live in! Explore, Learn, & have FUN (and don’t forget to wear your stretchy pants if the food is good!)

I hope to highlight another local Nashville business before the end of this Month (August)!

A very special thanks to my roomie and best friend, Lindsay Richardson, for exploring The Loving Pie Co. with me, and for being my ‘pie-model’.

Love, DollyByDesign 🙂

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