DollybyDesign: Geometric Chevron Earring Drops in Gold

In my jewelry section of my shop, earrings would have to be the number one thing I LOVE making! I love brainstorming ideas of what new earrings (either studs or dangles) I could potentially make, along with what materials I should use for them (researching materials is a favorite past time of mine I have discovered).

This month I decided to add more geometric spice to my mixture of earrings, and I found some Geometric Chevron Drops that measure “9mm by 24mm” that would be the perfect, yet dainty, fit to any outfit as we all gear up for Fall 2013! The thing about me is, is that I also love GOLD, so I tend to lean more towards everything gold related/gold colored, etc, so all of my geometric earrings are gold (sorry silver lovers). But, if you do like gold jewelry and gold accessories, then please check out my shop and see if this would be a good fit for you!

These earrings run at $6.50 a pair, and right now I only have 6 pairs on sale so you better hurry! Message me on Facebook, email me at, send me a comment on this post, or just call me/text me (if you have my number) if you have any questions/inquiries about these earrings! They are super cute, and I am even thinking about keeping a pair for myself!


DSC_5665 DSC_5674

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