DollybyDesign: March Item of The Month {Featuring} the Mustard Yellow Leather Clutch

I have been completely SLACKING since November of 2013 (mostly because of the Holidays + my 2nd busiest time of year at work is usually from January to the end of February)! SO…I decided I needed to get back in the swing of things and start sharing items of the month + giveaways again with all of my fans/family/& friends! (YAY!)

So the item of the month is: the Mustard Yellow Leather Clutch with Hand Stitched Slate Gray Arrow! This has already been a HUGE hit since I first posted about it several weeks ago, and today I sold my last Mustard Yellow clutch on Etsy! (But don’t worry, I do plan on making more clutches to add to the shop before the end of this month!) I feel so blessed right now, and I ESP feel blessed to share the gift of creativity with others!

Item of the Month Details:

Name// Mustard Yellow Leather Clutch with Hand Stitched Gray Arrow

Cost// $35 (per clutch)

Main Color//Mustard Yellow Leather with Slate Gray Lining

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