DollybyDesign: September 2013 Giveaway!

As promised, I am going to post something new from my Etsy Shop which will be this month’s feature for a FREE GIVEAWAY!!!!

Since I enjoy working on all things baby-related, I figured September should be the month I give away a FREE DollybyDesign baby love item from my shop since: 1) it’s the beginning of my FAVORITE season (Fall), and 2) ALOT of babies have been born this past summer and this past month…SO MANY REASONS TO BE HAPPY!!!!

Again, same rules apply to this months giveaway. If you want to win this item, you  need to 1) LIKE DollybyDesign on facebook, 2) POST on DollybyDesign’s wall why you would like this month’s prize, and 3) SHARE this Post with your friends on Facebook.  (Keep in mind: the more you share & post…the more times you get your name in the September drawing!)  Last month, only 9 people followed ALL 3 rules…so please be sure to read everything, b/c I want this to be fun for everyone!

Okay, so the FEATURE of September 2013 in DollybyDesign is: THE “RAWR! DINOSAUR!!” Baby Blanket!!!






Again, in order to win September’s Giveaway for DollyByDesign you need to 1) LIKE my Facebook page DollybyDesign, 2) POST to my Facebook wall why you would like this blanket, and 3) SHARE this post with your friends/family on Facebook so they can enter to win as well!

The Winner of the “RAWR! DINOSAUR!!” DollyByDesign Baby Blanket will be announced at the end of September! Winners shipping & handling will be paid for as well! Total cost of prize = $32.50 (Plus Shipping and Handling)

*Keep in mind if you are interested in any other baby blankets, just message me on Facebook, email (, or call me to make a special listing for you! Normally blankets run $25.50-$32.50 (Plus Shipping and Handling)!

GOD bless! Love, DollyByDesign 🙂



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