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Market Town Coffee 

Ty and I were honored to have MTC as part of our special day for #DollyTysTheKnot. Laura and Cody (the owners of MarketTownCoffee) are an amazing, godly, and fun couple to be around! I (Dolly) learned about Market Town Coffee from a very random Facebook post that a mutual friend shared about an iced coffee stand business in Alabama. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the link and immediately fell in love with everything I learned about MarketTown.

It’s Mission Statement: Market Town Coffee Company is a non-profit missional coffee company that The Bell family (Cody +Laura Bell) built from the ground up. They partner monthly with organizations that are fighting human trafficking and are using their small business to fight this horrible growing epidemic.

When I read about their mission & and where their hearts are for using this company to serve the Kingdom of God, I immediately asked Ty if we could book them for our wedding! Cody + Laura were easy to schedule meetings with, were easy to work with (very communicative), their prices were very reasonable, and their set up was super cute + trendy . Did I mention their iced coffee was probably one of the best cups of coffee both me and Ty have had in a LONG time?

If you are looking to hire an amazing Iced-Coffee Stand for your special event &/or Wedding Day, please be sure to get in touch with MarketTownCoffee (Cody + Laura Bell)! Again, they are so much fun to work with and you will LOVE getting to know more about their mission as a company and as a couple!

Here are some pictures highlighting and featuring this great couple + their unique and cute coffee bike stand!

Happy Viewing!

Love, Dolly DeLong


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