DollyDelong: Sewing Desk Painting Project with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

About three years ago I purchased this very old and used desk off of Craigslist for $35 and I had every intention of repainting it a bright mint green color (at the time), but I never got around to doing this project mostly because life was pretty busy and I didn’t have much motivation to work on most house projects (#honesty).

Fast forward to 2016: I was newly engaged, planning a wedding AND my fiancé (now sweet husband) owned a house! SO I had the opportunity to decide how I wanted my creative space (sewing room) to look like in my future home (since my  husband-Ty-had an extra bedroom which he so graciously let me have as my sewing room). The first major project I decided to tackle  was to FINALLY paint my old desk. Instead of painting it the bright mint green I originally imagined, I decided to research some Annie Sloan paint colors and I finally settled on Provence Blue (a turquoise blue-green color). The project itself took several days because I had to paint two coats of the Provence Blue + one coat of The Annie Sloan Wax to finish off the desk. (And, by the way, I was very grateful that I had Gilmore Girls streaming on Netflix to keep me company during the long hours of tedious painting!)

Anyway, I wanted to share the before and after photos of this project! I am actually VERY proud of how well this desk turned out, and it fit so perfectly in my new sewing room! (NOTE: I took these all on my iPhone6 so the photos are pretty low-quality-so I’m sorry!)



Here’s the final product of the sewing room as well (please note the sewing room is also the “library” as well!) I also added a picture of me at my desk because I’m super pumped about having such a fun creative space to work in!

Thanks for reading! I hope this encourages you all to get creative and do something new for your living space (apartment, house, etc.) Also, don’t be afraid of trying something new if you decide to do a small DIY project (like Chalk-painting a small chair for example). There are thousands of tutorials on YouTube & Pinterest, and I would def recommend starting off small just to give yourself some confidence & practice! You got this! Happy Weekend!

Love, Dolly DeLong

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