Dress for Less (in March) with DollybyDesign {featuring} Darcy S. of Nashville

Thank you Darcy (of Nashville, TN) for participating in the $50 challenge for the Dress for Less March 2014 edition (with DollybyDesign). Here are some photos of the lovely Darcy, showing off her fashion finds, from her photo session today! I had so much fun spending the afternoon with you Darcy, you are so full of joy and it’s such a blessing getting to know you through House Church and through Ethos! Thank you for being the light of Christ!

 Darcy found the following items for under $50:

   Bright Pink Top: $7.99 (Ross)

   Floral Top: $17.80 (Forever 21)

   Chambéry Floral Dress: $12.49 (Old Navy)

   White Sweater: $8.99

  (Total: $49.27)

 Way to go Darcy!  Your finds have created over 7 different looks for your wardrobe this month! (And you have saved so much money!)

(Review) Breakdown of Darcy’s finds:

1) Bright Pink Top ($7.99)


2) Floral Top ($17.80)


3) Chambrey Floral Dress: ($12.49)


4) White Sweater ($8.99)


If you are a reader, you can go to these same stores and score these looks for the same price! Challenge yourself, to not just be on a budget, but to be wise with your money and have fun searching for AMAZING finds that would “normally” be between 30-85% more expensive in high-end stores. You can look amazing for LESS!

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