#DollyTysTheKnot (In India) (Our Haldi Ceremony)

Well, after 4 months I guess I’ll finally get around to posting some photos from our Indian Wedding (from Last November 2016) My mom was really the mastermind behind this entire Indian Wedding. Since I’m an only child, she has dreamt about this day since I was about 5 years old-not even kidding. So, when … More #DollyTysTheKnot (In India) (Our Haldi Ceremony)

My “perfectly imperfect” Round 4 of Whole30 (January 10th-February 8th, 2017)

For the New Year (2017) I (along with every other human in America) wanted to do a post-Holiday cleanse due to my lack of self-control and complete binge eating spree I had participated in over Christmas break. I already have known since 2014 that my body cannot handle a lot of foods (such as gluten, … More My “perfectly imperfect” Round 4 of Whole30 (January 10th-February 8th, 2017)

Ty Turns 30!

So my sweet husband turned 30 on April 4th, 2016 (I know….I am very late in posting this) but I realized I have been slacking at keeping up with all my “Adventure” posts & I wanted to share this fun day where I got to celebrate my sweet Ty! Keep in mind in April we … More Ty Turns 30!