DollybyDesign: November Giveaway {Owl Always Be Thankful For You}

Whew! It has almost been one month since I last posted for DollybyDesign (and I am incredibly sorry about that folks)! For those of you who know me, I travel for my job, so today is my SECOND to last day of travel season! I just pulled into my driveway about 20 minutes ago from a trip, and I flew out the door to take pictures of this months giveaway before this month gets away from us all! I didn’t realize the Holidays would come so quickly, but I feel like every year because they sneak up on me {I am really working on being organized and ready for this holiday season with DollybyDesign, with my photography, and with work as well}. Anyway, so excuses aside, I am officially posting November’s giveaway! Hooray! Finally!

I know that last month’s giveaway was featured for babies, so I’m going to keep the baby theme for this month as well {because I know many of my friends and family have newborns, or young ones, who are celebrating their FIRST Thanksgiving this year}!

So the November FREE giveaway is: “Owl Always Be Thankful For You” Baby Burp Cloth & Bib Set!

DSC_1306 DSC_1307 DSC_1308 DSC_1310

Normally I sell this item in my Etsy shop for $25 (for a set of burp cloths with matching bib), and you have the opportunity of checking out my shop to purchase one for your little loved one (just in case you are worried you won’t win this month)!


1) LIKE my Facebook Page “DollybyDesign” (if you have already LIKED my page, then you can skip this step)

                 2) SHARE a photo of the November Giveaway (it will show up that you have shared this from DollybyDesign, and the more you SHARE the photo…the more you have a chance to WIN)

                 3) HASHTAG: Use the Hashtag #DollybyDesign & #BabyLove with your Shared photo as well! 

This contest will run from 11/12/13 to 11/20/13 (so I have plenty of time to ship you your loved one’s baby burp cloth set just in time for Thanksgiving!)

Thank you again for all of your love & constant support friends/family/viewers! It’s the Holiday Season! GOD Bless, and go be a blessing to someone today! 🙂

Love, DollybyDesign 🙂

DollybyDesign September 2013 Giveaway: And the Winner is…

Thank you to all who entered in my September 2013 giveaway for the “RAWR!!! DINOSAUR!!!” Baby Blanket for my Etsy Shop, DollybyDesign! Your constant love, support and encouragement really  means the world to me as I continue along this new creative journey, and I am having so much fun getting feedback from everyone as well! As a reminder to everyone, 40% of my monthly profits from my Etsy shop goes towards India Missions (through Ethos church), so thank you thank you thank you for your support!!!!!

So the WINNER of the “RAWR!!! DINOSAUR!!!” Baby Blanket for September 2013 is: Andrea Campos Stewart!

Congrats Andrea, your encouragement and constant support really means the world to me, and I will be mailing you your new DollybyDesign baby product!

DSC_5715 DSC_5713 DSC_5711

Thank you again to everyone who entered into the September 2013 DollybyDesign giveaway! I will be posting the New October 2013 giveaway in the next few days, so keep your eyes posted! It will be Halloween + Baby Themed…so I promise loads of cuteness for your loved one this Fall 2013 (since it IS my FAVORITE Season of the year!)

I love you all so much! GOD BLESS!

🙂 DollybyDesign

DollybyDesign Baby Love: Dapper Bow Tie for your “Little Gentlemen”



For Weddings to Special Events,  there should always be a fun reason to dress up your little dapper gentlemen this Fall 2013 with a personalized bow-tie made to fit newborns to toddlers.

If you have a specific color scheme you are wanting to work with for your special day, be sure to message me 4-5 weeks in advance so that I can make the best accessory to make your big day even more perfect!

{Materials used to make bow tie include: linen, cotton, interfacing for structure, stretch elastic, and matching &/or coordinating thread}

{Price: $18.50 per bow-tie}

DSC_7621 DSC_7622 DSC_7623 DSC_7624

Happy Shopping…and HAPPY FALL 2013!!!!!! 

DollybyDesign Baby Love: Baby Onesies



Very recently I have been working on some newer items (Onesies) for my “Baby Love” line in my Etsy shop! Here are some samples of what they look like! I am going to be posting more Onesies specifically with bow-ties (some will be removable) for your sweet little one! Most of my Onesies fit 6-9 month-olds and are custom-made!

{Price $14.50 each}

DSC_7389 DSC_7390 DSC_7391 DSC_7392 DSC_7394 DSC_7395 DSC_7396 DSC_7399


If you have any specific questions please email me at:, call me, or Facebook me at “dolly by design” so that I can work on a specific Onesie for your Loved One!

Thank you all for your continual love & support!

Love, DollybyDesign 🙂

DollybyDesign: September 2013 Giveaway!

As promised, I am going to post something new from my Etsy Shop which will be this month’s feature for a FREE GIVEAWAY!!!!

Since I enjoy working on all things baby-related, I figured September should be the month I give away a FREE DollybyDesign baby love item from my shop since: 1) it’s the beginning of my FAVORITE season (Fall), and 2) ALOT of babies have been born this past summer and this past month…SO MANY REASONS TO BE HAPPY!!!!

Again, same rules apply to this months giveaway. If you want to win this item, you  need to 1) LIKE DollybyDesign on facebook, 2) POST on DollybyDesign’s wall why you would like this month’s prize, and 3) SHARE this Post with your friends on Facebook.  (Keep in mind: the more you share & post…the more times you get your name in the September drawing!)  Last month, only 9 people followed ALL 3 rules…so please be sure to read everything, b/c I want this to be fun for everyone!

Okay, so the FEATURE of September 2013 in DollybyDesign is: THE “RAWR! DINOSAUR!!” Baby Blanket!!!






Again, in order to win September’s Giveaway for DollyByDesign you need to 1) LIKE my Facebook page DollybyDesign, 2) POST to my Facebook wall why you would like this blanket, and 3) SHARE this post with your friends/family on Facebook so they can enter to win as well!

The Winner of the “RAWR! DINOSAUR!!” DollyByDesign Baby Blanket will be announced at the end of September! Winners shipping & handling will be paid for as well! Total cost of prize = $32.50 (Plus Shipping and Handling)

*Keep in mind if you are interested in any other baby blankets, just message me on Facebook, email (, or call me to make a special listing for you! Normally blankets run $25.50-$32.50 (Plus Shipping and Handling)!

GOD bless! Love, DollyByDesign 🙂



DollybyDesign: Baby Blankets For Fall 2013

Just in time for Fall 2013, I have been working nonstop, in the month of August, on several blankets which I am wanting to sell in my shop for Fall 2013.

As many of you may (or may not) know, I am trying to expand more of my shop (outside of bridesmaids gifts, and home goods) & I am venturing into the land of ‘all things babies’. It’s funny because I am unmarried and don’t have any kids yet, so I think this inspiration really came because all of my friends from college are now starting to have babies, or they have toddlers, so I always try to think of cute things to make for my friend’s kids. One day I thought, “Why not make these for your Etsy Shop Dolly? If your friends like them, maybe other people will like them as well!” (Yes, I constantly have inner conversations with myself on a daily basis ESP when thinking about new items for DollybyDesign). So, here are some new blankets I have been working on throughout the summer-and I am planning on posting these items in the next week or so (fingers-crossed)!

Blankets are going to run between $25.50-$28.50 (varying because of the differences in size and materials used)

Once again, 40% of profits will go towards Missions (specifically India Missions and Ethos Church). If you have any specific blanket you are wanting for your little loved one, message me on Facebook or send me a message on my etsy shop “DollybyDesign” and I can make one specifically for you!

Thanks for supporting my shop! GOD bless!


“Where the wild things are”  Baby Blanket (a blanket for your little wild monster) Image


“Where the wild things are” Baby Blanket for your little wild monster! ImageImage

Purple Chevron Baby Blanket for your Hipster Baby Image

Purple Chevron Baby Blanket for your Hipster Baby Image

“Birds of a Feather Flock Together” Baby Blanket Image

“Birds of a Feather Flock Together” Baby Blanket ImageImageImageImage

“Rawr!!!!!!!!! Dinosaur!!!!!” Baby BlanketImage

DSC_5711 DSC_5713 DSC_5715

“Forever Plaid” Comfort Baby BlanketDSC_5719 DSC_5721 DSC_5726 DSC_5728


Again, Message me if you are interested in any of these designs, or are looking for a specific design for your loved one’s nursery/room theme!


Thanks again for all your love and support! GOD bless, LOVE DollybyDesign