DollybyDesign DIY June Projects

DollybyDesign DIY June Projects

Hello lovely readers! I have been busy at work on several DIY projects and I wanted to share some easy tutorials that you could work on at home this summer (if you were in the crafty/creating mood)!

My first DIY project involves yet another skirt tutorial! I am obsessed with skirts, but it’s very hard for me to find a good length (not just for conservativeness sake, but for professionalism as well), WITH a good print (b/c unfortunately most skirts nowadays are either too short, too see-through, the fabric is ridiculous, and super inappropriate to wear in public). So after some researching, I did my own modified version of a sweet Parisian-like skirt with pockets! Here is one of the tutorials I researched ( here )  AND, of course, I utilized Pinterest for several other tutorials as well!

Here is the finished project:

*I am planning on wearing a white blouse with this skirt (but all I have for now is an old white Indian punjabi top I bought in Kolkata a few summers ago-hah-so please excuse the frumpy looking shirt!) 

My second DIY involves a fun floral head wreath that I have been so excited to teach myself when I had more time for DIY projects! Here is a tutorial I followed ( here ) (and don’t forget to utilize Pinterest as well!) Here was my finished project (oh yeah, I HAVE to give a shout-out to my roomie, Courtney, for patiently teaching me how to make floral wreaths as well b/c she grew up making them in Colorado)

I am planning on selling them in my etsy shop in the weddings section, but I wanted to post my first attempt at a floral wreath and see if any of you had any feedback, questions, or suggestions for me! I am wanting to try to sell several floral wreaths as a set for wedding parties with specific colors based off of the brides color scheme! 

Alright, so these were my two DIY’s for the month of June I wanted to share with you all! As always, thank you again for your support and for sharing this creative adventure with me! If you decide to try any of these DIY’s please post to my Facebook wall (DollybyDesign) so that I can see your very own creations!

Have a blessed & lovely Summer Day!