DollybyDesign Local Love Featuring: “A Matter Of Taste” Restaurant

Happy Wednesday everyone! I haven’t been able to post anything “local love” related due to my heavy travel season, but thankfully I planned ahead, visited this new local restaurant in Nashville a while back, and took some pictures (and saved them) for this feature! Many of you may already know this (because of my absolute transparency about my health on my Facebook posts) but I am gluten-intolerant so having a new diet has really restricted ALOT of my food options these past two months. When I was told that gluten was one of the causes of my migraines, I had to completely change everything about how I grocery shopped and where I went out to eat. I LOVE eating, and having someone tell me to cut back on gluten was like someone telling me I could never eat ANYTHING EVER AGAIN (yeah…I can be a bit dramatic) because for me all I eat are carbs on carbs on carbs (in bread form that is). And, might I add, one of my go-to meals has always been a bowl of soup and a HUGE sandwich. So when I was told about my new diet, I was extremely disappointed I wouldn’t be able to have a delicious sandwich again. Thankfully, after some research on some local Nashville gluten-free restaurants, I heard about this GLUTEN-FREE Sandwich/Soup place called “A Matter of Taste”.  I was a little skeptical because of the location of this business, but after actually getting seated, talking with the owner/hostess,  & seeing the atmosphere of the restaurant, all of my skepticism went out the window! I ordered an AMAZING sandwich and soup combo (both of which were gluten-free), so after eating I DIDN’T GET SICK!!!! {This was HUGE for me, because for over 1 year I had been getting sick at least once a day due to something I had eaten, and I was absolutely clueless about what was causing my health issues} So, every time I am actually in Nashville, and if I have a moment to eat out, I ALWAYS go to A Matter of Taste because that’s one restaurant where I DEF WON’T get sick, I love the management and atmosphere, AND there are so many delicious soup and sandwich combinations (WOO HOO!!!!) So, if you are ever in Nashville (or are a LOCAL of Nashville) please check out “A Matter of Taste” ESP if you are gluten-intolerant, or if you are on a specific diet! Did I mention that the bread literally melts in your mouth? Yeah, I love it!

So, if you are wanting to check out this delicious LOCAL restaurant, check out their Website: , don’t forget to “like” them on Facebook , and give them a shout-out on Twitter:

{Photos were taken on my iPhone 4s, so sorry about the bad image quality…but here are some images of this cute restaurant!}

IMG_5307 IMG_5308 IMG_5309 IMG_5310 IMG_5311 IMG_5312 IMG_5313 IMG_5314 IMG_5315


Happy Eating Nashville! And go support your local shops in the city you live in!

GOD bless & Love, DollybyDesign 🙂

DollybyDesign: Baby Blankets For Fall 2013

Just in time for Fall 2013, I have been working nonstop, in the month of August, on several blankets which I am wanting to sell in my shop for Fall 2013.

As many of you may (or may not) know, I am trying to expand more of my shop (outside of bridesmaids gifts, and home goods) & I am venturing into the land of ‘all things babies’. It’s funny because I am unmarried and don’t have any kids yet, so I think this inspiration really came because all of my friends from college are now starting to have babies, or they have toddlers, so I always try to think of cute things to make for my friend’s kids. One day I thought, “Why not make these for your Etsy Shop Dolly? If your friends like them, maybe other people will like them as well!” (Yes, I constantly have inner conversations with myself on a daily basis ESP when thinking about new items for DollybyDesign). So, here are some new blankets I have been working on throughout the summer-and I am planning on posting these items in the next week or so (fingers-crossed)!

Blankets are going to run between $25.50-$28.50 (varying because of the differences in size and materials used)

Once again, 40% of profits will go towards Missions (specifically India Missions and Ethos Church). If you have any specific blanket you are wanting for your little loved one, message me on Facebook or send me a message on my etsy shop “DollybyDesign” and I can make one specifically for you!

Thanks for supporting my shop! GOD bless!


“Where the wild things are”  Baby Blanket (a blanket for your little wild monster) Image


“Where the wild things are” Baby Blanket for your little wild monster! ImageImage

Purple Chevron Baby Blanket for your Hipster Baby Image

Purple Chevron Baby Blanket for your Hipster Baby Image

“Birds of a Feather Flock Together” Baby Blanket Image

“Birds of a Feather Flock Together” Baby Blanket ImageImageImageImage

“Rawr!!!!!!!!! Dinosaur!!!!!” Baby BlanketImage

DSC_5711 DSC_5713 DSC_5715

“Forever Plaid” Comfort Baby BlanketDSC_5719 DSC_5721 DSC_5726 DSC_5728


Again, Message me if you are interested in any of these designs, or are looking for a specific design for your loved one’s nursery/room theme!


Thanks again for all your love and support! GOD bless, LOVE DollybyDesign

Happy Independence Day India! (August 15th)

As you can already guess from the title (spoiler alert) today is India’s Independence day! I normally don’t celebrate other country’s national holidays, but since India has such a deep and cherished place in my heart, I wanted to share with my followers/readers why I do DollybyDesign! As mentioned in the about section of my shop, and on this blog, I am participating in this adventure of all things design, art, & creativity because I really want to be the hands and feet of Christ in raising awareness about Missions (esp India missions and Ethos church). The dominant reason of my etsy shop was designed with the purpose of selling new products and donating a certain percentage every month to Mission work! I’ve been experiencing alot of emotions (both positive and negative) in learning to navigate the ups and downs of running a ‘side business’ for mission work. I have a ridiculous amount of pressure that I put on myself every month to not only design new items, but to be super productive, and to always stay busy for DollybyDesign. Embarrassingly enough, I can be pretty shallow sometimes and find my self worth in my productivity INSTEAD of finding my worth in GOD (regardless of how much-or how little- I have accomplished for the day). In my ‘humanness’ to achieve goals to make myself ‘feel good’ I can forget what exactly this adventure is all about (which is = experiencing JOY in creating to help SERVE and BLESS others)!

So…to bring everyone back to why I’m posting about India’s Independence Day. Today’s national Holiday for Hindustan really reminded me and made me think of all the women, men, and children I love and miss from the Ethos church plant in Northeast India. I want to share some pictures with you all, and let me just say I always look tired/exhausted and extremely bloated because of the extreme humidity and lack of sleep I experience while in India in the middle of May/June, but despite all those awful circumstances, I still experience the most abundant amount of JOY and PEACE because I actually am doing what I was created to do: SERVE and LOVE. So I hope that as you scroll through these pictures, I hope you are encouraged to not only pray for these amazing brothers and sisters in Christ overseas, but I hope you are pushed to be the Hands and Feet of Christ so that you can bless others (whether it be in your neighborhood, in your country, or overseas). Living to serve the almighty Creator has been a very abundant and exciting quest, and I hope and pray that I can be blessed and given many more years to lean in and participate in this adventure!




Dolly by Design Sapphire Tear Drop Earrings (featuring Kara Philpot)

Tonight’s post is dedicated to my sweet student worker, and friend, Kara Philpot. I have known Kara since she was a student at the University I work at, and it has been a continual blessing to get to know her through the years. As mentioned, Kara is one of my student workers in the office I work for, and seeing the qualities of a good (and HARD) work-ethic, a joyful spirit, a zest for life, and a deep sense of compassion for those around her has really shown me that GOD has truly blessed her with a good heart!

Did I mention that after graduation from her University (Lipscomb University-Nashville, TN), Kara moved into my house to be my roommate? So yes, she wears many a hat with her interactions with me as my student worker, friend, and now roommate-but- (even though I feel super old with younger roommates), I feel very blessed that I get to know this godly young woman! (I need to also insert that Kara is currently on post grad job hunt…so if you know of any Marketing jobs in the Nashville area…give her a call…she has an incredible work ethic)!

Kara has always been an encouraging supporter of “Dolly by Design” ever since I decided to embark on this journey of converting my Hobby into an Etsy Shop! She always loves looking through my inventory of what is being featured month to month, and she sometimes even gives me great ideas as to what to potentially make for the future! One of these ideas has been my  “Sapphire Blue Tear Drop Earrings”, which I just sold out of this Month in my shop (thank you Kara)! Kara was thrilled that these earrings were featured for the month of July (2013) so she even bought a pair for herself! She even graciously let me take some pictures of her wearing these Sapphire blue earrings, so that more people can be introduced to Dolly by Design! Enjoy!

Dolly by Design Sapphire Blue Tear Drop Earrings DSC_3810 DSC_3811 DSC_3814 DSC_3815 DSC_3816 DSC_3820 DSC_3822 DSC_3824 DSC_3825

Did I mention that Kara is kinda Sassy? I tried to capture this in the pictures as well, because this is another quality that makes me roll with laughter whenever she is helping me out in the office!

So let me again give  a huge SHOUT OUT of THANKS to Kara Philpot for letting me feature her in my Dolly by Design “Sapphire Blue Teardrop Earrings” post!!!!!

Also, if you are interested in ordering any teardrop earrings (of either Sapphire Blue, or of any other color) please message me ( OR here is a link to my etsy page:  If you are a bride planning a wedding and are wanting to give your bridesmaids a fun earring as a present, keep in mind you will need to place any custom orders with Dolly by Design at least 4-5 weeks ahead of time. If you are just wanting to order a smaller quantity (like a present for yourself or for a friend), message me and we can work on a custom order for you as well!

Thanks for reading! Happy Thursday and GOD bless!