DollybyDesign Accessory Love: Opaque Pink Tear Drop Earrings

New (color) of tear-drop earrings to my shop: Opaque Pink Tear Drop Earrings. These have been a huge success for my shop, so I wanted to add more colors as examples to show to my fans, shoppers and friends! I also state in my shop’s policies that if you are interested in placing a big order, let me know at least 4-5 weeks in advance so I can make a specific order to fit your wedding party, or your special event! I can do most popular colors to fit your wedding/special event as well, and I love doing personalized orders for brides-to-be!

{Specific details of the earrings include: size 10mmX15mm, gold brass setting, opaque pink (color), $12.50 (price per pair)}

Happy Shopping…and most importantly HAPPY FALL 2013!!!!!  DSC_7620

DollybyDesign:”High Tea Floral Cluster Earrings” for Fall 2013

The newest addition to my Etsy shop “High Tea Floral Cluster Earrings” are going to be the perfect accessory for your Fall 2013 outfits! Inspired by the Anthropologie Design, I decided to make my own version and cut the price DRASTICALLY (b/c let’s face it…Anthro prices are incredibly unreasonable and too expensive and I really think that accessories should be affordable)!

So I hope you all enjoy these new earrings! A huge shout out to my beautiful roomie, Katie, for being a great model!

DSC_7315 DSC_7320 DSC_7322 DSC_7325 DSC_7328 DSC_7330 DSC_7332 DSC_7334 DSC_7337 DSC_7338 DSC_7339 DSC_7342 DSC_7344 DSC_7345 DSC_7348 DSC_7351 DSC_7356 DSC_7358 DSC_7363


*Size: 25mm (the “High Tea Floral Cluster Earrings”) Price: $10 a pair

*$5 a pair for the single Mint Green Earrings

Please message me if you have any specific questions! Otherwise, you can go to my etsy shop: and have fun looking!

Love, DollybyDesign 🙂

DollybyDesign: Geometric Chevron Earring Drops in Gold

In my jewelry section of my shop, earrings would have to be the number one thing I LOVE making! I love brainstorming ideas of what new earrings (either studs or dangles) I could potentially make, along with what materials I should use for them (researching materials is a favorite past time of mine I have discovered).

This month I decided to add more geometric spice to my mixture of earrings, and I found some Geometric Chevron Drops that measure “9mm by 24mm” that would be the perfect, yet dainty, fit to any outfit as we all gear up for Fall 2013! The thing about me is, is that I also love GOLD, so I tend to lean more towards everything gold related/gold colored, etc, so all of my geometric earrings are gold (sorry silver lovers). But, if you do like gold jewelry and gold accessories, then please check out my shop and see if this would be a good fit for you!

These earrings run at $6.50 a pair, and right now I only have 6 pairs on sale so you better hurry! Message me on Facebook, email me at, send me a comment on this post, or just call me/text me (if you have my number) if you have any questions/inquiries about these earrings! They are super cute, and I am even thinking about keeping a pair for myself!


DSC_5665 DSC_5674

Dolly by Design Sapphire Tear Drop Earrings (featuring Kara Philpot)

Tonight’s post is dedicated to my sweet student worker, and friend, Kara Philpot. I have known Kara since she was a student at the University I work at, and it has been a continual blessing to get to know her through the years. As mentioned, Kara is one of my student workers in the office I work for, and seeing the qualities of a good (and HARD) work-ethic, a joyful spirit, a zest for life, and a deep sense of compassion for those around her has really shown me that GOD has truly blessed her with a good heart!

Did I mention that after graduation from her University (Lipscomb University-Nashville, TN), Kara moved into my house to be my roommate? So yes, she wears many a hat with her interactions with me as my student worker, friend, and now roommate-but- (even though I feel super old with younger roommates), I feel very blessed that I get to know this godly young woman! (I need to also insert that Kara is currently on post grad job hunt…so if you know of any Marketing jobs in the Nashville area…give her a call…she has an incredible work ethic)!

Kara has always been an encouraging supporter of “Dolly by Design” ever since I decided to embark on this journey of converting my Hobby into an Etsy Shop! She always loves looking through my inventory of what is being featured month to month, and she sometimes even gives me great ideas as to what to potentially make for the future! One of these ideas has been my  “Sapphire Blue Tear Drop Earrings”, which I just sold out of this Month in my shop (thank you Kara)! Kara was thrilled that these earrings were featured for the month of July (2013) so she even bought a pair for herself! She even graciously let me take some pictures of her wearing these Sapphire blue earrings, so that more people can be introduced to Dolly by Design! Enjoy!

Dolly by Design Sapphire Blue Tear Drop Earrings DSC_3810 DSC_3811 DSC_3814 DSC_3815 DSC_3816 DSC_3820 DSC_3822 DSC_3824 DSC_3825

Did I mention that Kara is kinda Sassy? I tried to capture this in the pictures as well, because this is another quality that makes me roll with laughter whenever she is helping me out in the office!

So let me again give  a huge SHOUT OUT of THANKS to Kara Philpot for letting me feature her in my Dolly by Design “Sapphire Blue Teardrop Earrings” post!!!!!

Also, if you are interested in ordering any teardrop earrings (of either Sapphire Blue, or of any other color) please message me ( OR here is a link to my etsy page:  If you are a bride planning a wedding and are wanting to give your bridesmaids a fun earring as a present, keep in mind you will need to place any custom orders with Dolly by Design at least 4-5 weeks ahead of time. If you are just wanting to order a smaller quantity (like a present for yourself or for a friend), message me and we can work on a custom order for you as well!

Thanks for reading! Happy Thursday and GOD bless!