DIY with DollybyDesign: EASY shelf

DIY with DollybyDesign: EASY shelf

Hello all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a DIY with DBD so I thought it would be fun to do a post about a shelf, that I made with my mom, for my living room. Since there was such an awkward empty space above my TV & stand, I wanted to do something homemade to make the space more “homey//comforting”

Anyway, here is the website that I used as a reference for step-by-step directions and it was VERY helpful & EASY (since I am just now beginning to learn how to build things for my home!) Please NOTE: it states that it would only take $10 to build this shelf…that is incredibly FALSE! You, the builder, will most likely have to purchase ALL the materials for the first time (b/c most likely you won’t have paint//brushes//supplies sitting around your house) and it will be around $60-$70 for the supplies! So keep that in mind, but if you plan on building more than one shelf, it will be cheaper the next time you build one! 

Here is the website for step-by-step directions:

DIY Easy Shelf for Home

And for those of you who would like to see my new shelf above my TV, here are some pictures from start to finish (taken with my iPhone 5s, so please don’t judge the picture quality too much!)

I also placed my DIY Chalkboard above this shelf, here is the link for how to make one yourself: DIY Chalkboard 

Once again, thank you so much for reading and for your constant support! If you would like for me to make you a shelf, message me at: (they are actually ALOT of fun to make)!

Have a Blessed and Happy Saturday!

Love, DollybyDesign 🙂

DIY with DollybyDesign: Easy Chalkboard

I realized I should have taken a before picture of this frame I just changed into a chalkboard, but I was so excited to do an easy DIY that I completely forgot (sorry)!

But, in order to do this project you will need the following items:

*an older picture frame with the glass still intact (I got an old frame at an antique shop for $5-it was originally GOLD with a flower design as the picture behind the glass)

*spray paint (any color of your choice) If I could make a recommendation to my readers: please consider going a step ‘up’ from the normal spray paint that you would usually purchase at Walmart or even The Home Depot, and go to your local art supply store (The Plaza in Nashville for example) and purchase their spray paint that they have on hand. I am going to do a little side note on my newest favorite spray paint “Montana Gold” that one of my good (local artisan) friends, Kim Parker – Owner of Sisters of Nature, sold me on earlier this year: (“Montana Gold spray paint is famous for its superior quality. Highly reliable, it provides artists and hobbyists alike with the perfect tool for creative work. High accuracy is ensured through Montana Gold’s newly developed low pressure system. In combination with the variety of Montana caps available, artists will experience a new era of spray painting possibilities. Soft handling allows the finest details and the smoothest application. From very thin to super wide lines, Montana Gold makes it all possible! Montana Gold is an extremely high-covering acrylic based paint that works on many substrates, even on flexible surfaces – wood, concrete, metal, plastic, canvas, glass and more. The paint dries very fast making application simple and easy. Each can features a colored ring at the top that identifies the color inside. Colors are lightfast and guarantee long-lasting vibrancy. All cans are CFC-free!”)  (so do you like my MEGA product placement of Montana Gold Spray Paint?) It really has changed my outlook on spray painting in general, and I always spend the extra few dollars to get a can of any color of Montana Gold! So I purchased a can of Montana Gold in Cyan (a beautiful blue) for $8

*Blue Painter’s tape (normally $5 at The Home Depot)

*Chalkboard Paint (normally $8-$10 at The Home Depot)

*a paint brush that can be used with chalkboard paint (I got mine at the Home Depot for $6)

So this project cost me a total of around $37 to create (a little on the pricey side, but these chalkboards normally start at $40 and go up to $80-$90 at flea markets, antique shops, and even artisan shows depending on size and who the artisan/vendor is)

How I created this chalkboard:

So once I had all my supplies, I actually spray painted the picture frame first with my Montana Gold Spray Paint (in Cyan). I didn’t really go the extra mile in taping off the glass portion of the frame because I was already going to paint over it with chalkboard paint-this is completely optional for you if you are really particular and want things to go a certain way!

Once the paint was dry (I left it outside to dry for around 45 minutes) I brought it inside to my little work-loft and taped the edges of the frame and glass (where the frame and the glass touch) and proceeded to paint a light coat of chalkboard paint in the glass part of the frame.

Now, this part was tricky for me because I had two things going against me: 1) My cat Bella (who likes to walk all over my DollybyDesign projects when I am not paying attention to her) and 2) I should have purchased a rolling brush that helped smooth out the chalkboard paint as it glided across the glass frame. Thankfully I figured out how to distract Bella from my DIY project (no cat paw prints were found in the end-HAH!), and I figured out how to best utilize my painter’s brush to the best of its abilities/usefulness.

I waited around 40-60 minutes between each coat, and I did three coats of chalkboard paint total. I did the third (and last) coat right before I went to bed so it had plenty time to dry (over 10 hours) and then Sunday morning I took off the painter’s (blue) tape which was around the frame/glass and TAH-DAH-I had a beautiful finished chalkboard!

Here is the finished product:

DSC_5759 DSC_5760 DSC_5761 DSC_5765

So, I am incredibly happy with the finished product! It’s going to go in my work loft just as fun inspiration & decor for my Etsy shop! (I was thinking I may reuse this same chalkboard for a wedding one day-EEEEEE!!!!-but that’s for a while down the road!)

But I hope this inspires you to go out and make your own chalkboard for either your own work space, your office, your dorm, or even as a gift for a loved one!

GOD bless, and thanks again for reading DIY with DollybyDesign!