DollybyDesign: Handmade in March (DIY Simple Circle Skirt)

DollybyDesign: Handmade in March (DIY Simple Circle Skirt)

Wanted to share this new brilliant blue circle skirt that my friend, Alisha R., taught me how to make!

Here are the materials I used:

  • 3 yards of fabric (NOTE: please be sure to use appropriate fabric for skirts. I accidentally bought the wrong cotton blend, and now the skirt is too wrinkly and see-through b/c it’s not the appropriate thickness. But don’t worry…I wear it with thick leggings!)
  • Matching or coordinating thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Needles

Here is a tutorial you can use (since Alisha’s major focuses on fashion and sewing, she is the one who really helped me make my own pattern, but please use the tutorial provided-because not everyone has a personal seamstress, like Alisha, on hand!) (ALSO: a fun step to add to the circle skirt tutorial would be to incorporate pockets for your skirt-that will DEF be my next skirt project!)

I did not take step by step photos (SORRY), but here is my finished product:

photo-dollybydesign dress for less

(Total time: 2 hours= YAY!)

Here’s where DollybyDesign Dress for LESS comes in: I paired this brilliant blue circle skirt with a white lace top from Forever21 ($15.80) & a gold necklace from Forever21 ($6.00) (which, FYI ALL their Jewelry is 30% OFF this week, and their jewelry is already super cheap…so go check it out!)

Once again, thanks for reading! Happy Spring (or should I say…Happy Never-Ending Winter)

Love, DollybyDesign

DIY with DollybyDesign: Holiday Decor with Pinecones!

I noticed I haven’t done a DIY project in ages (maybe it’s because travel season ruled my life from August to November-bah!) but it’s finally over and I have had so many fun (and very EASY) DIY projects I’ve been wanting to share with you all and thankfully it’s just in time for the Holiday Season!

This week I have been visiting my Mother in Florida for Thanksgiving Break. I grew up ALWAYS doing some sort of craft project with my mom, and time spent over creating is always a special time to us. So this week my mom (Beulah) and I  decided to take pinecones and spray paint them gold so that they can be used as a simple centerpiece for Holiday decor.

Here are the materials we used:

1) Pinecones (we bought ours from Michaels for around $2.99 per pack) (Obviously you can get pinecones for free if you live in a beautiful State…LIKE MONTANA) (we bought 2 packs since we both wanted to make some for both of our homes)

2) Gold Spray paint ($7.00 a bottle at Michaels) (we only bought one)

So it only takes 2 items to make this EASY and CHEAP DIY project that will take literally 30-45 minutes of your time! YAY!


STEP 1) make sure you have a clean surface (preferably outside or in a Florida room so you won’t stain or mark anything with the spray paint)

STEP 2) evenly spread out the pinecones and keep in mind to spray them at least 6 inches away from the can (or else they will be gloopy and sloppy looking)

STEP 3) paint one side of the cones, wait 30-45 minutes, then turn them all on the uncolored (natural) side to spray them

STEP 4) once paint is dry find a fun wooden bowl, or a decorative bowl, and place in your house for the Holidays!


I hope you all are finding fun & creative ways to decorate your homes for this 2013 Holiday Season! I will try to find more time to post additional DIY projects I am going to be working on for my house this year! Until then, Happy Thanksgiving Weekend, and I hope you are all enjoying time with your loved ones before December begins!

GOD bless!

Love, DollybyDesign 🙂

DollybyDesign: Double Chevron Necklaces in Gold

I recently designed some (more) double gold chevron necklaces for my Etsy Shop-since they were so popular this summer the one week I sold them (so technically these are back by popular demand!) I currently have two double gold chevron necklaces on sale in my shop: The 1st necklace falls 7 inches from the neck and the 2nd necklace is longer and falls 10 inches from the neck. I wanted to see what a longer gold chevron necklace would look like and I LOVE this design ALOT!!!

So here are some images of the longer double chevron gold necklace:

DSC_7302 DSC_7303 DSC_7304 DSC_7305

And here are some images of the shorter double chevron gold necklace:

DSC_7306 DSC_7308


These necklaces are by far my favorite necklaces in my shop right now! I hope to get more feedback from all my Etsy Shop Fans and Friends!

Thank you again for your continual support! Message me on Facebook, Email (, or call me if you have any questions about this listing!

Love, DollybyDesign 🙂

DollybyDesign: Geometric Chevron Earring Drops in Gold

In my jewelry section of my shop, earrings would have to be the number one thing I LOVE making! I love brainstorming ideas of what new earrings (either studs or dangles) I could potentially make, along with what materials I should use for them (researching materials is a favorite past time of mine I have discovered).

This month I decided to add more geometric spice to my mixture of earrings, and I found some Geometric Chevron Drops that measure “9mm by 24mm” that would be the perfect, yet dainty, fit to any outfit as we all gear up for Fall 2013! The thing about me is, is that I also love GOLD, so I tend to lean more towards everything gold related/gold colored, etc, so all of my geometric earrings are gold (sorry silver lovers). But, if you do like gold jewelry and gold accessories, then please check out my shop and see if this would be a good fit for you!

These earrings run at $6.50 a pair, and right now I only have 6 pairs on sale so you better hurry! Message me on Facebook, email me at, send me a comment on this post, or just call me/text me (if you have my number) if you have any questions/inquiries about these earrings! They are super cute, and I am even thinking about keeping a pair for myself!


DSC_5665 DSC_5674