DollyByDesign: ADVENTURES in Mumbai, India {March 2015}

DollyByDesign: ADVENTURES in Mumbai, India {March 2015}

Hello Friends! It has been such a long time since I have last posted {and I am incredibly sorry for my long absence} BUT… “I’M BACK!!!!!” (as Rowdy Rathore would say…and only a select few would actually get that reference-HAH)

2015 has been quite the adventurous year for me, and it’s only March (well technically it’s April 1st, but for this Post’s sake…it’s still March 31st)! Not only has 2015 been my first year in my 30s, but it’s also been a year of tremendously fun/positive/lovely/and amazing changes in my life! And one of these changes has definitely been more travel opportunities to explore new areas of this beautiful world we live in!

To kickstart my 2015 year of adventuring, I co-led a mission trip to India with Lipscomb Missions and Ethos Church (now, this wasn’t my first time going to India…it was actually my 27th or 28th trip…I kind of have lost count by this point…but it was technically my 3rd trip leading a team of people to my most favorite country in the world). Those 10 days serving alongside my friends//my brothers and sisters in Christ, was an incredible and amazing experience, and you can read about more here (my good friend, Justin Wright, of Justin Wright Photography, went on the trip with me and documented the experience perfectly).

BUT…AFTER my 10 day mission trip, I actually had the privilege of getting to stay 2 extra days in India and recruit Internationally for Lipscomb Admissions in the city of Mumbai. It’s always a little lame traveling by myself at times (even though I am a proud Introvert…I do enjoy company every now and then) so it was fun having my good friend, Danielle, tag along with me for the remainder of the trip (since she participated in the 10 day mission trip and wanted to see more of India just for the fun of it)!

Again, the majority of my trip to Mumbai was spent recruiting international students for my University, but Danielle and I had several hours to ourselves after a business meeting so we did the most logical thing any traveller would do: we adventured in Mumbai and decided to explore the Elephanta Caves & take a ferry ride along the Mumbai Coast!

So…the following pictures just document:

1)  our time on our extremely long ferry ride (where, note: we definitely witnessed a little too much ‘bromance’ going on)

2) our time exploring the historical and world-famous Elephanta Caves

3) our time taking obnoxious jumping pictures and selfies in front of the Gateway of India

As always, I hope you enjoy these low-quality iPhone photos….but most importantly I hope this encourages you all to go out and ADVENTURE (and have fun wherever you are & have fun in whatever stage of life you are in) Life is def a blessing from God, and enjoy every moment He’s given you!!!!

God bless!

Love, DollybyDesign


DollybyDesign: Items of the Month for April 2014

DollybyDesign: Items of the Month for April 2014

As many of you know (or may not know), I use my Etsy Shop to save towards my future Mission Trips (and to bring awareness of missions//needs in India). I am going to be taking the next FULL year (April 2014-April 2015) to sell feature items from my shop so that I can help with the process of fund-raising for my future 2015 trip with Ethos Missions! The overall cost to go to India is usually around $2,500 (this includes ticket cost, meals, room/board, and transportation costs). So I have been thinking of ways that would help with fund-raising efforts, and I thought it would be fun to sell feature items where 100% of the proceeds (from the sale of those items) would go directly to India Missions!

Here are some items I have been working on this month for my Etsy Shop. You can either order them here, or simply message me on Facebook if you are wanting to place an order!

Items of the Month of April (100% of profits will go towards Mission Savings)

1) Rose Earrings (single) = $6.50 (tax + shipping included)

2) Rose Earrings (double//two sets)= $10.50 (tax + shipping included)

3) Floral Mint Green Earrings = $10.50 (tax + shipping included)

4) Floral Hair Comb = $25.00 (tax + shipping included)

Again, your support means so much to me! I love creating, sharing, and saving towards a goal of (hopefully) going back to India to serve my brothers/sisters with the Ethos church plant in NorthEast India!

GOD bless! Love, DollybyDesign 🙂

DollybyDesign: Newest Etsy Items for March 2014

DollybyDesign: Newest Etsy Items for March 2014

Here are some new items I recently added to my shop! Message me if you have any questions about any of these listings, or you can just visit my etsy shop and browse:

Happy Viewing and Happy March! (Again 40% of each month’s proceed’s goes towards either Missions or India Missions specifically, so your help goes a long way!)

Love, DollybyDesign 🙂

DollybyDesign Weddings: Clutches for Heather

Happy Saturday (or should I appropriately say…Happy FALL Saturday) Everyone!!!!!!! I just finished a big project for a good friend of mine who is a Bride-to-Be and I wanted to post this so I can share my newest creation with all my fans/friends! Her wedding colors are Mustard Yellow, Gray, & White accented with Burlap, so I wanted to incorporate all these colors into a new shabby chic design of clutches for my shop. I loved how they all turned out, and I hope that sweet Heather enjoys these clutches!

{Measurements per clutch: 7″X10″}

DSC_7371 DSC_7372 DSC_7373 DSC_7375 DSC_7376 DSC_7379 DSC_7380 DSC_7381 DSC_7383 DSC_7384 DSC_7387 DSC_7388heather'swedding


Thank you again, Heather, for supporting my shop “DollybyDesign”. A certain percentage of this purchase will go towards India Ethos Missions!

If you are a bride-to-be and are looking for the perfect clutch (or present) for your bridesmaids (or for the wedding party) message me and I would love to work with you and incorporate your wedding colors into each clutch! You can reach me at:, my etsy shop “DollybyDesign, or Facebook “Dolly by Design”. I look forward to hearing from you! Happy Fall!

Love, DollybyDesign 🙂


Okay, so in the spirit of it being a new school year/a new semester/a new ‘season’ coming up, I wanted to post some items that are on clearance (marked down 50% off) because shopping is ALWAYS FUN before a fresh new start, right? RIGHT!

So I am going to be posting items every quarter (or every new season) which are always going to be on SUPER SALE, so just in case you have been eyeing it for a while, it will give you a chance to snag something fun and new!

Oh yeah, please message me either on Facebook, my email:, or call/text me, if you are interested! I will be reducing the price on my Etsy shop as well, so you will have an opportunity to order from there as well!

Happy Shopping and have a BLESSED DAY!!!!

Items on SALE:


DollybyDesign: Ipad cover (Originally $30, NOW $15)


DollybyDesign: Shabby Chic Burlap Table Runner With Silk Sari Paisley Design & Jade Green Trimming (Originally $46.50, NOW $23.25) 


DollybyDesign: “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat” Baby Burp Cloth & Bib Set (3 burp cloths and one bib) (Originally $25, NOW: $12.50) 

Happy Shopping Everyone!!!! I wanted to just post three items for now to see if this goes well!

GOD bless and thanks for your continual love and support!

Happy Independence Day India! (August 15th)

As you can already guess from the title (spoiler alert) today is India’s Independence day! I normally don’t celebrate other country’s national holidays, but since India has such a deep and cherished place in my heart, I wanted to share with my followers/readers why I do DollybyDesign! As mentioned in the about section of my shop, and on this blog, I am participating in this adventure of all things design, art, & creativity because I really want to be the hands and feet of Christ in raising awareness about Missions (esp India missions and Ethos church). The dominant reason of my etsy shop was designed with the purpose of selling new products and donating a certain percentage every month to Mission work! I’ve been experiencing alot of emotions (both positive and negative) in learning to navigate the ups and downs of running a ‘side business’ for mission work. I have a ridiculous amount of pressure that I put on myself every month to not only design new items, but to be super productive, and to always stay busy for DollybyDesign. Embarrassingly enough, I can be pretty shallow sometimes and find my self worth in my productivity INSTEAD of finding my worth in GOD (regardless of how much-or how little- I have accomplished for the day). In my ‘humanness’ to achieve goals to make myself ‘feel good’ I can forget what exactly this adventure is all about (which is = experiencing JOY in creating to help SERVE and BLESS others)!

So…to bring everyone back to why I’m posting about India’s Independence Day. Today’s national Holiday for Hindustan really reminded me and made me think of all the women, men, and children I love and miss from the Ethos church plant in Northeast India. I want to share some pictures with you all, and let me just say I always look tired/exhausted and extremely bloated because of the extreme humidity and lack of sleep I experience while in India in the middle of May/June, but despite all those awful circumstances, I still experience the most abundant amount of JOY and PEACE because I actually am doing what I was created to do: SERVE and LOVE. So I hope that as you scroll through these pictures, I hope you are encouraged to not only pray for these amazing brothers and sisters in Christ overseas, but I hope you are pushed to be the Hands and Feet of Christ so that you can bless others (whether it be in your neighborhood, in your country, or overseas). Living to serve the almighty Creator has been a very abundant and exciting quest, and I hope and pray that I can be blessed and given many more years to lean in and participate in this adventure!




DollybyDesign’s very first blog post!







   Hello all!!!!!!! Welcome to my very first blogpost for my Etsy shop, DollybyDesign! As you can tell by the over-used exclamation marks, I am pretty stoked to finally get a blog started for this new adventure in my life! As many of you may (or may not) know, I have started this Etsy shop primarily to raise awareness and support for India missions, Ethos (my church family), and to help communities/those in need. I figured I should use the hobby of creating (through sewing and designing jewelry) to benefit others outside of myself-and this past year has been an incredible blessing because I have discovered this brings me ALOT (yes I emphasized ALOT) of joy! (I know, it’s lame that I find so much joy in sewing/creating, but seriously it just makes me so happy!) 

So….I plan on posting everything on this blog that I post on my Etsy shop and Facebook page, AND I also plan on having fun giveaways, DIY projects, and features throughout each Month. But keep in mind, like a new adventure, I need to actually figure out how to navigate this new blog and not forget my username/password (yes people, that happens to me-hah!) so that I can actually offer up a fun and creative post in my own quirky words.