DollybyDesign’s very first blog post!







   Hello all!!!!!!! Welcome to my very first blogpost for my Etsy shop, DollybyDesign! As you can tell by the over-used exclamation marks, I am pretty stoked to finally get a blog started for this new adventure in my life! As many of you may (or may not) know, I have started this Etsy shop primarily to raise awareness and support for India missions, Ethos (my church family), and to help communities/those in need. I figured I should use the hobby of creating (through sewing and designing jewelry) to benefit others outside of myself-and this past year has been an incredible blessing because I have discovered this brings me ALOT (yes I emphasized ALOT) of joy! (I know, it’s lame that I find so much joy in sewing/creating, but seriously it just makes me so happy!) 

So….I plan on posting everything on this blog that I post on my Etsy shop and Facebook page, AND I also plan on having fun giveaways, DIY projects, and features throughout each Month. But keep in mind, like a new adventure, I need to actually figure out how to navigate this new blog and not forget my username/password (yes people, that happens to me-hah!) so that I can actually offer up a fun and creative post in my own quirky words.