DollybyDesign: Essential Oils {My current Favorite Essential Oils that help Promote Rest}

DollybyDesign: Essential Oils {My current Favorite Essential Oils that help Promote Rest}

Hello all! I have been meaning to share some of my top favorite essential oils that are my go-tos to help promote restfulness and peace for my on-the-go mind/body during my hectic travel season (with work + life).  Now, these are my five go-to essential oils, and I am not claiming that these would work for everyone/anyone. My best advice (if you were interested in trying out essential oils) would be to start with one, and then work your way from there (see what works for you, and what doesn’t work for you! Remember, every BODY is different).  Since I have been using these for over a year, I have discovered that these are my favorites, so I wanted to share what I use during travel season (work) to promote a better peaceful and restful environment for myself {After all a happy & restful Dolly = a more productive and active Dolly!} I hope these insights can encourage you in your own health journey! Remember to please consult your doctor if you have any health related questions first (that is what I did before I began my own health journey)// knowledge is power!

Dolly’s 5 favorite sleep & rest promoting essential oils 

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 Calming Blend essential oil

  • Creates a perfect escape with its calming, renewing fragrance
  • Promotes relaxation and a restful sleeping environment
  • Diffuses into a subtle aroma ideal for relaxation
  • Lessens feelings of tension and calms emotions
  • Apply to bottoms of feet at bedtime to help wind down before going to sleep
  • Add two to three drops to a warm bath with Epsom salts to create a peaceful, renewing aroma
  • Diffuse to help promote relaxation and decrease stress

Respiratory essential oil

  • Maintains feelings of clear airways and easy breathing.
  • Helps minimize the effects of seasonal threats.
  • Diffuse or inhale directly from palms, or rub on chest when environmental threats are high.
  • Use when outdoors to minimize the effects of seasonal changes.
  • Diffuse at bedtime to promote a restful night’s sleep.
  • When loud noises are keeping you up at night, diffuse for a calming effect that promotes a restful night’s sleep

Cedarwood essential oil

  • Before exercising, massage one to two drops into your chest to maintain vitality throughout your workout
  • After a difficult day, diffuse Cedarwood to help relax the mind and the body
  • During your facial routine, add one to two drops of Cedarwood to your facial toner or moisturizer for added clarifying properties
  • After noticing a fresh skin imperfection, directly apply one drop to affected area to immediately improve the appearance

Balance Essential Oil

  • Promotes a whole-body sense of relaxation.
  • For a grounding experience, breathe in deeply.
  • Evokes feelings of tranquility and balance.
  • Begin your day by putting Balance on the bottom of your feet to lessen stress throughout the day.
  • Use before bed for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Use before bed while thinking positive thoughts to promote peaceful dreams/sleep
  • Use while meditating or practicing yoga.
  • Add to Epsom salts for a comforting bath.
  • Balance is great to use during an AromaTouch Hand Technique.
  • Apply Balance to your wrists or neck to help ease anxious feelings.
  • Diffuse in your car during road trips to create a calm environment.

Lavender Essential Oil 

  • Widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities
  • Helps to ease feelings of tension.*
  • Add a few drops of Lavender to pillows, bedding, or bottoms of feet for a restful night’s sleep
  • Freshen your linen closet, mattress, car, or the air with a light mist of Lavender combined with water in a spray bottle
  • Add to bath water to soak away stress or apply to the temples and the back of the neck
  • Take internally to reduce anxious feelings.* (please note: make sure the lavender oil you are ingesting is 100% PURE therapeutic grade oil// if you have any questions feel free to message me!)
  • Take internally for a peaceful sleep.*

{*Please NOTE: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is ALWAYS wise to consult your family physician while you are taking essential oils}

to make you smile: here is a picture of my cat, Bella, getting the best nap of her life (which is like everyday…b/c she’s a lazy cat)

I hope reading this has inspired you to see what other actions you can take to help promote better rest + peace + sleep in your life! I hope you have a wonderful (and peace-filled) day!

Love, DollybyDesign

DollybyDesign Essential Oil Stories: {featuring} Lindsay R. of Nashville, TN

DollybyDesign Essential Oil Stories: {featuring} Lindsay R. of Nashville, TN

I (Dolly) have been using Essential Oils for the past year (Since July 2014) and ever since then, I have not only noticed a significant change in my overall health, but I have been noting change in my loved ones lives as well (friends/family who are using them). Recently, I thought it would be cool to share a personal story (at least once or twice a month) from a certain friend or family member to highlight certain oils, or just to openly share about the real benefits of how Essential oils are helping change their overall health. I really hope that these personal testimonies not only encourage you (the reader), but they also help challenge you to research and figure out what is best for your health and your overall wellness! It may not be using Essential Oils, it may be joining a gym, or changing your diet, or changing your surroundings. But my prayer for you is for you to fight for yourself, and to really enjoy the blessing of Life that God has given/granted you!

Lindsay’s Story/Testimony with Essential Oils

“I was a little skeptical at first about the idea of using “oils”– but I heard Dolly talk about it so much and the many ways it has helped her so much, and I’ve heard several good friends of mine, Lacey and Rachel say the same– so I went to a class taught by Lacey and Rachel and learned a lot. I decided I would at least try out just a few. I started off with Frankincense (taking 1-2 drops at night) and 1-2 drops each morning. I also was using soothing blend+ lotion. I had a torn rib cartilage that I was having trouble healing from…it was off and on sore and in pain or inflamed. When Dolly and I took a trip to Europe for 2 weeks I was really worried that my muscles/rib area would be really sore etc. I used the Frankincense and soothing blend daily and the LLP mixture that Dolly let me use while in Europe helped protect me against the seasonal elements Also, my allergies were acting up a lot in Europe so I used Dolly’s oils lemon mixed with peppermint, and also lavender -they helped maintain clear breathing and helped protect me against the environmental elements while I traveled. I highly recommend checking into essential oils (an all natural way) to any health issues you may have!”