DollybyDesign: Dress for LESS March spotlight {Shawn Despot of Nashville, TN}

DollybyDesign: Dress for LESS March spotlight {Shawn Despot of Nashville, TN}

I have decided that in addition to my monthly features of the $50 challenge in dressing for Less with DollybyDesign,  I also wanted to try to do a monthly spotlight comparing a (specific) outfit sold at a high-end store versus buying a similar//same outfit a budget-friendly store.

This month (March), my friend/co-worker, Shawn Despot, was gracious and kind enough to help me with this first spotlight post! Shawn found a beautiful Maxi Red/Gray Striped Dress from TJ Maxx priced at $17.99 (which, of course, she bought immediately because it was gorgeous and perfect for Spring Break!) Right after her quick shopping trip to TJ Maxx, she went to Anthropologie to browse and found the EXACT same dress (but in a different color) for $118.00!!!! (So Shawn saved about $100 on this find! Way to go Shawn!)

So, here is the Anthro dress (priced at $118.00):

 anthro dress

And here is Shawn’s $17.99 Dress found at TJ Maxx (note: she has dressed up this outfit  in three different ways to show the reader/viewer that you can have variety with this fun find!)

In no way am I bashing Anthropologie (or high-end stores), but I am simply just helping shoppers see that there ARE cheaper (and more affordable) ways to shop on a budget, and you can still look GOOD!  Challenge yourself to seek out current fashion finds//trends, but at a cheaper price (outside of thrift stores)! It is possible, and it is so much fun to share with others! 

Once again, here is the beautiful Shawn D., wearing her fun find from TJ Maxx:

dress for less blog march Shawn

Thank you so much Shawn! You are so much fun to work with, and I am so happy GOD has blessed me with a friend like you! I hope you are enjoying your Spring Break in Sunny California!